White House Recognizes Assumption Student Internship Blog

Assumption College senior David D’Amico of Johnston, R.I., never thought his blog post about his summer internship with Dunkin’ Brands would have turned into a nationally recognized work, but that is precisely what happened. Upon submitting his blog post to Dunkin’, the White House – yes, that White House – contacted D’Amico to congratulate him on being featured on its site.

Canton, Mass.-based Dunkin’ Brands was part of President Barack Obama’s Summer Jobs initiative, hiring America’s youth for internships and allowing them to gain pathways to employment in their futures. A White House spokesperson commented on his post, “We chose David's blog because he was very engaged as an intern, raised questions, and had participated in really fun and exciting public relations events.”

D’Amico, who majors in organizational communications and is an avid ice hockey athlete, said: “I feel honored to see my name and Assumption College being represented on the White House blog. It’s very exciting, especially after having completed an awesome internship with Dunkin’ Brands.”

“The Assumption College internship program is excellent,” said Michael Mahon, senior manager at Dunkin’ Brands. “As an intern from Assumption, David brought his hugely enthusiastic personality and love of sports to the Dunkin' intern job. With an outsider perspective on our projects, some of the questions he asked even made the team rethink what we were really seeking to accomplish.”

With all of D’Amico’s hard work, he has gained an appreciation for the world that he could not get from only sitting in a classroom. D’Amico’s internship has effectively complemented his Assumption College course work, and the on-the-job experiences have given him confidence in pursuing his career.

D’Amico praised Business Professor Arlene DeWitt’s Internship in Business course. During his junior year, he had completed an internship at RDW Group, a large public relations and advertising firm in Worcester and Providence, during this course.

“In the internship course, students learn professional blog writing on a one-to-one tutorial basis,” said DeWitt. “It prepares them to write for professional social media use. David had written the blog for RDW Group, and thus, his blog for Dunkin Brands was so strong that it impressed the White House.”

DeWitt presented at the 37th Annual International Conference on Improving University Teaching in Austria this past summer, where she explained how blogging clarifies students’ tacit knowledge and improves their ability to act and think like a manager.
“The conference focused on fostering student knowledge transfer from the classroom to professional career,” she explained.

Through DeWitt’s course, his overall Assumption College education, and his internship experiences, D’Amico said he believes he received something beyond presidential recognition of his hard work.

“My internships gave me insight to what real-world marketing campaigns entail – with actual budgets, deadlines, clients, and the importance of strong public relations efforts,” he said. “What you learn from the internship experience is what is going to help you when you’re looking for your professional career path after school.”
At Assumption College, students may complete an internship as of their major, for general academic credit, and/or for career experience. The Class of 2012 graduates who completed an internship during their time at Assumption were 35 percent more likely to have a job lined up at graduation – and employers certainly laud the students that come out of Assumption’s program.

Employers interested in hiring Assumption students for internship opportunities should contact Career Services at 508-767-7409.

Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College
ke.dunbar@assumption.edu @AssumptionNews