Students Employed in Summer Research

Nearly a dozen Assumption College students have found summer jobs without leaving campus. The undergraduates are conducting or assisting in research related to their majors. Funding for their paid summer research positions comes from academic department budgets, the Assumption Honors program or from competitive grants awarded to faculty. For example, several of chemistry professor Betsy Colby-Davie students are supported through a grant from the American Chemical Society’s Petroleum Research Fund.
  • Sophomore Stephanie Bouley (Smithfield, RI) and senior Amber Morra (Johnston, RI) are working with Professor Heather Wilkins to study the effects of estrogen on colon cancer cells.
  • Seniors Leslie Lupien of Pomfret Center (CT) and Candice Baird, an honors student from Charlton, and juniors Chantal McLellan (Lewiston, ME) and Mike Dion (Waltham) are working in Colby-Davies’ laboratory to synthesize several natural products with anti-tumor properties. They hope to test some of their products on the colon cancer cells Prof. Wilkins’ students are studying. Morra and Baird, both honors students, are supported by Assumption College Honors Research Fellowships.
  • Senior Doug Reilly (Centereach, NY) is studying the growth of neurons during development and after spinal cord injury with Prof. Michelle Lemons.
  • Senior Mike McIntyre of Worcester and junior Erin Gombos (Norwalk, CT) are studying liquid crystals and carbon nanotubes with Professor Georgi Georgiev.

Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College @AssumptionNews