Speaking Out

April 13 through 18 marked Assumption College’s third annual Sexual Assault Violence Education (SAVE) week. Sponsored by the College’s PAWS (Peers Advocating Wellness for Students) group, SAVE week strives to engage students and provide them with information about sexual assault and domestic violence, as well as strategies to help keep them safe.

Massachusetts Lt. Gov Tim Murray was on-hand for the week’s inaugural presentation and spoke briefly about the Commonwealth’s commitment to ending domestic and sexual violence and praised the PAWS group for its efforts.

“I appreciate the fact the students, the faculty and the entire campus community are coming together this week,” he told the crowd. “Your efforts this week and throughout the year are critical as we work to raise awareness and promote resources that end sexual violence. “

At the conclusion of his speech Murray presented PAWS President Lauren Trapasso and Vice President Alexandra Shumway with a proclamation signed by Governor Deval Patrick thanking them for their service. The Lt. Governor was also the first of more than 400 to sign a banner bearing Assumption’s pledge to work toward ending domestic and sexual violence.

Through presentations and information sessions, PAWS continued its program of educating and providing resources throughout the week.

“We know these are difficult topics, but as long as we can help make students think about ways to stay safe, speak out, or help a friend, we are making a difference,” Shumway believes. “If our programs can help one student, that is one less life that is turned upside down.”

Trapasso agreed. “SAVE programming allows for students to discuss issues that are not typically talked about, while asking students to be an advocate for the cause as well. The Assumption community has come together to raise awareness about an important issue that effects so many of us, and to speak out against it.”

Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College
ke.dunbar@assumption.edu @AssumptionNews