Assumption College Publication Standards

For more information, call Public Affairs at (508) 767-7160.


These guidelines offer parameters for the consistent use of the Assumption College logo in various applications and the appropriate utilization of photography that appears on the Assumption College website, in publications or in other media, including social media.


The logo/signature/seal is the official representation of Assumption College and cannot be used without permission from the Assumption College Office of Public Affairs. It is a trademark signature. It should not be placed on publications or in any medium, i.e., websites, Facebook, Twitter, newsletters, flyers, etc., without the express permission of the Office of Public Affairs.


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The official typefaces for Assumption College materials are Avenir and Filosophia (in various weights and italics). The Assumption College logotype is Garamond, but the spacing between the letters has been altered.

Web typefaces should remain consistent with the open-font family. The recommended typefaces for body and paragraph sections of web pages are Arial (PC), point 12; Helvetica (Mac), point 12; or the default San Serif font family, point 12.


The approved color for the College logo is Pantone 301. The CMYK alternative is C-100, M-46, Y-5 and K-18. For the World Wide Web, use R-00, G-81, B-149. Use guidelines for printed materials as follows:
Six-color publications (4-color process, plus 2 or more Pantone colors): Pantone 301 must be used for the logo in positive. It can be reversed out in any color field. Four-color process publications: the CMYK alternative must be used for the logo in positive. It can reverse out in any color field.


Photographs taken by professional photographers for Assumption College or for other organizations are considered copyrighted material. You cannot use photos that appear in Assumption publications, on the website or other Assumption-sponsored media without the permission of the Assumption College Office of Public Affairs, or the organization that contracted for the photograph.