Life Lesson

The following story appeared in the September 13 College Town section of the Worcester Telegram @ Gazette

Assumption College freshmen received their first assignment, and it's something that many can learn from. Here's an excerpt from the task given to them by Eloise Knowlton, dean of studies:

“Welcome, Class of 2013!

“By now you have met with all of your classes and professors. You probably have received a syllabus for each course and have reviewed it with the professor and the class. There may be only a few quizzes, weekly readings that aren't that bad, and maybe a final paper. By now, you may be saying to yourself, ‘Maybe college isn't that hard.'

“Don't be fooled. College is hard, but perhaps in ways that you aren't expecting.

“Taking control of your freedom is hard. It has nothing to do with your brain and everything to do with your maturity, your will, your discipline, your self-command and your willingness to work. Plan to study for two hours before every one-hour class. Build it into your schedule. Hold yourself to it.

“Exert your will on the shape of your day. That is your first assignment.”

Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College @AssumptionNews