Learning to Document Life

Ashley Bishop ’07 is traveling from Massachusetts to Philadelphia to South Africa to help film a documentary that chronicles the charitable works of the Augustinians for the Public Television program “Visionaries.” The series highlights the stories of nonprofit organizations from around the world.

In her blog “Learning to Document Life,” she is writing about her experiences as she works with Assumption writing and mass communication instructor Jody Santos on this project. Bishop, an English major who concentrated in writing and mass communications, was recruited to serve as executive producer for their episode of the PBS series by Santos, an award winning journalist and documentarian.

Bishop and Santos are following the charitable works of the Augustinian religious community. In Philadelphia they will focus on outreach programs and volunteer efforts to work with a community stricken by violence and poverty. In South Africa, they will profile relief efforts in Durban, where the Augustinians run a primary school, a boys’ home and various outreach programs for a region ravaged by the AIDS crisis.

An excerpt from the blog appears below:

“Today was our first day shooting on what is literally the other side of the planet. South Africa is an incredible, incredible place. We’re staying in a retreat house on the property of the Augustinians, which is situated atop a hill that looks out over the sprawling “Valley of 1000 Hills.” The Valley is home to mostly the Zulu Community, who lives in round, thatched-roof houses or tiny shacks.”

Read Ashley’s blog here.

Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College
ke.dunbar@assumption.edu @AssumptionNews