Harvesting Help

On Sunday, September 24, 9 Assumption College student-volunteers spent the day helping pick, gather and prepare fruits and vegetables at Community Harvest Farm, a nonprofit, volunteer farming organization based at the Brigham Hill Community Farm in North Grafton, MA. All vegetables grown at the farm are donated to hunger relief organizations in central Massachusetts.

The Assumption College Reach Out Center helps coordinate student-volunteer activities in Worcester and around the region. At the farm, the students helped bag 943 lbs of apples, wash 992 lbs of squash, and care for the tomato plants. The vegetables were then donated to the Worcester County Food Bank for local families.

“It is always a great experience helping the Community Harvest Project,” said Colleen Penkala ’10, an Assumption College graduate assistant who helped organize the trip. “The Assumption students get to know one another and a local nonprofit organization. The students really make a contribution to the community and they find out more about themselves as they help others.”

Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College
ke.dunbar@assumption.edu @AssumptionNews