Assumption Professor Receives ALANA Diversity Award

Susan Scully-Hill, associate professor and chair of human services and rehabilitation studies at Assumption College has received the ALANA Diversity Award from the African-Latino/Hispanic-Asian-and Native American (ALANA) Network. Scully-Hill also directs the Institute for Social and Rehabilitation Services at Assumption. The award is administered through the Office of Multicultural Affairs on campus.

The ALANA Diversity Award recognizes Assumption professors who demonstrate sensitivity to diversity issues and a commitment to treating students fairly, and who incorporate different cultural perspectives into their course materials.

"Receiving the 2010 ALANA Diversity Award is a significant honor,” Scully-Hill said. “I also must acknowledge Brenda Safford, director of Multicultural Affairs, and the ALANA students because they have assisted me by supporting and contributing to my work in the classroom and by creating an environment at Assumption College that has made cultural perspectives and diversity initiatives a priority."

Scully-Hill, who joined the Assumption faculty in 2000, lives in Worcester with her husband Calvin Hill and their two children.

Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College @AssumptionNews