Assumption College Welcomes Class of 2016

Assumption College welcomed the Class of 2016, including 615 students (first-year and transfer) at a Matriculation ceremony on August 27.

The ceremony, which is organized by Assumption’s Office of Student Affairs, featured the following speakers: President Francesco Cesareo, Provost Francis Lazarus, Catherine WoodBrooks, vice president for student affairs; Evan Lipp, vice president for enrollment management; The Rev. Dennis Gallagher, A.A., vice president for mission, Professor Amy Gazin-Schwartz, president of the Faculty Senate; and senior Megan Evangelista, president of the Student Government Association.

“Assumption College’s Class of 2016 is well prepared and poised for success,” Lipp said at the ceremony. “We are looking forward to these students’ contributions to the community – and to the world – and watching as they develop their personal compass and become lifelong learners and compassionate members of society.”

The first-year students come from 18 states and 16 countries, as far away as California and Saudi Arabia; and a record 16.5 percent are ALANA (African-American, Latino/a, Asian, Native American). The students’ average GPA and SAT score are higher than last year’s entering class.

Some facts about Assumption’s Class of 2016:
  • One student is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan;
  • One wrote a song that was sung and performed by Justin Bieber – while onstage with him during the performance;
  • One student sang at this summer’s Olympics in London;
  • One traveled 84,744 miles, back and forth, to high school – and that was just the first three years;
  • One student is a Wendy’s Heisman winner.

President Cesareo noted that while the students’ four years at the school will quickly pass, the impact of their college experience will last a lifetime.

“At Assumption, students, in collaboration with their professors, together seek the truth in all fields of knowledge,” he said. “Assumption students benefit from the support and encouragement of classmates and mentors, many of whom will remain lifelong friends. All of these experiences will not only contribute to the development of their ‘personal compass,’ but they will also prepare students for professional success and personal fulfillment.”

After the Matriculation ceremony, the Class of 2016 was treated to a barbeque on the Hagan Campus Center lawn, as well as to Assumption’s first-ever “Flash Mob” performance, which featured 44 members of the Assumption community dancing to hit songs.

Flash Mob 8 27 12 from Assumption College CAB on Vimeo.

Check out the video:

Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College @AssumptionNews