Assumption College Welcomes Class of 2015

Assumption College welcomed the Class of 2015 on Friday, August 26, 2011. This year’s entering class has 649 students, including transfers, which is an increase for the second year.

Evan Lipp, Assumption College’s vice president for enrollment management, attributed this year’s enrollment increase to greater recognition of the College’s outstanding academic programs that prepare students for today’s tough job market. “Assumption College is an appealing choice for students who seek a robust liberal arts education and business and professional academic programs. Our highly regarded and engaged faculty are committed to the success of each student,” he said. “Whether they become educators or public officials, scientists or business leaders, students will find that their academic and co-curricular experience at Assumption will give them the tools they need to reach their immediate and long-term goals – and to continue excelling.”

The Assumption College curriculum and Catholic intellectual tradition enable students to gain a depth and breadth of knowledge that lead to professional success and personal fulfillment. Students become engaged participants in Assumption’s classic liberal arts education – exploring new ideas, making connections across disciplines, and pushing themselves to achieve more than they ever thought possible. To prepare for the workforce, students learn cutting-edge theory and best practices, and develop excellent communication and critical-analysis skills.

The incoming class is academically talented, interesting and diverse. The students come from 17 states and nine countries, and 16 percent are ALANA (African-American, Latino/a, Asian, Native American), which is an increase from 52 in 2007 to 101 this year.

The annual Move-in Day Mass was celebrated on August 26 in Assumption’s Chapel of the Holy Spirit; first-year students and their families were invited. A Matriculation Ceremony will be held at 4:30 p.m. Monday, August 29, in Plourde Recreation Center to formally welcome the students and introduce them to the values of Assumption College. Speakers will include Assumption College President Francesco Cesareo, Provost Francis Lazarus, Rev. Dennis Gallagher, vice president for Mission; Catherine WoodBrooks, vice president for student affairs; and Lipp.

President Cesareo noted that while the students’ four years at the school will quickly pass, the impact of their college experience will last a lifetime. “At Assumption, students, in collaboration with their professors, together seek the truth in all fields of knowledge. We awaken their innate desire for truth and their yearning for transcendence. This openness to the fullness of truth will define their values, refine their goals, and they will feel inspired to use their knowledge in meaningful service to others during college and beyond,” he said. “Assumption students benefit from the support and encouragement of classmates and mentors, many of whom will remain lifelong friends. All of these experiences will not only contribute to the development of their ‘personal compass,’ but they will also prepare students for professional success and personal fulfillment.”

Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College @AssumptionNews