Assumption College Participates in Recyclemania

By Marguax Finan ’13

For the third year, Assumption College is taking part in Recyclemania, a competition among 600 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada to see which school can recycle the most cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum and tin per capita during two months.

Assumption’s Recycling and Sustainability Committee kicked off the campus-wide campaign in February, and it will continue until March 31. Assumption community members deposit their recyclables in the “single stream” blue buckets located throughout campus, and the college submits weekly data regarding the weight of the paper, cardboard, cans and bottles, water use, food waste and general trash.

“We hope to use Recyclemania to increase awareness of the need to involve recycling and environmental stewardship in our everyday lives,” said committee member Katherine Biegner, a senior from Easthampton, Mass. “We also recognize the importance of having fun while learning about recycling, so we’re developing easier access to recycling bins and buckets and launching on-campus competitions to boost participation in Recyclemania.”

Participating in Recyclemania is just one of Assumption’s many proactive efforts to become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly campus. Through annual Earth Day celebrations, making energy-efficient improvements to campus buildings, and being a part of the “U Car Share” car-sharing program, Assumption takes the importance of being “green” seriously. The campus’s first solar roof was recently installed atop the d’Alzon Library. In addition, a cogeneration project at Assumption’s heating plant – which will produce 10 percent of the college’s electricity in a more energy-efficient way – is nearing completion.

“Assumption recognizes the importance of recycling, and we are proud of our students’ efforts to become more sustainable,” said John Langlois, director of auxiliary services at Assumption College. “The college is environmentally focused, and we are working hard to be even more effective ‘eco-stewards.’”

Kimberly Dunbar, Director of Public Affairs, Assumption College @AssumptionNews