Lecturer: Beth Alpert Nakhai

Lecturer: Beth Alpert Nakhai

27 March 2014 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
7:00 PM
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Rethinking Israelite Women:  What Does Archaeology Teach Us?

The Hebrew Bible is filled with stories about women, but no single story provides a complete picture of women’s lives – nor can any biblical woman be considered typical of all Israelite women. Archaeology provides an alternate resource, one that allows us to go beyond the Bible and examine day-to-day life in Iron Age Israel. It brings us into villages and homes, and shows us dishes and tools, shrines and figurines, workplaces and tombs. This presentation uses archaeological resources to explore the lives of Israelite women, helping us place the biblical narratives into their ancient setting.

This event is sponsored by HUMANARTS, The Archaeological Institute of American, and The Provost's Office.

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