Degree Of Overlap

Degree Of Overlap

7 June 2014 - 6:00pm
6:00 PM
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Complimentary refreshments and live music by Aaron DiBiasio

Degree of Overlap is an art exhibition containing over 60 pieces of art using various mediums including: Crochet, Graphic Design, Illustration, Oil Paintings, Photography, Raku Pottery, Typography, Video Installation and Visual Illusions.

The eighteen artists are recent graduates of Assumption College who majored in Studio Art and/or Graphic Design. They join together under the same roof to present their final projects.

Students embarked on their creative journey late January and worked tirelessly until the end of April. Risks were taken and limits were pushed in order to bring their ambitious ideas to life. With their dedication, determination and a collaborated effort, students were able to complete their projects and will be displaying them for the public at the Sprinkler Factory. The opening reception will be Saturday, June 7th from 6-8pm and is free and open to all.

The show will run June 7th to June 28th and is open on the weekends from 12-4pm.

List of Artists: Sara Bonnick, Kyle MacGovern, Courtney Parece, Alyssa Connell, Jennifer Chapman, Jessica Reimers, Lauren Brown, William Phillips, Nicola Mercer, Sadiya Bruce, Ben Gadwah, Lindsey MacLean, Danielle Oullette, Ania Szemiot, Caitlin Reilly, Jen King, Alyssa Lombardi, Karalyn McCann 


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Tom Grady