HumanArts: The Bach Consort of Worcester

HumanArts: The Bach Consort of Worcester

30 January 2014 - 12:00am
12:00 PM
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Great Concertos of the Baroque

Performed by:  Michelle Graveline - Artistic Director, and Peter Sulski - String Leader

This year, the Bach Consort of Worcester will continue their series of Concerti Grossi of Baroque composers Corelli and Handel, as well as solo concertos of J. S. Bach. The Bach Consort of Worcester is a group dedicated to the performance of the music of J. S. Bach and other composers of the Baroque period. The impetus for the ensemble came about from a series of recitals featuring the music of Bach, performed in 2010 by Michelle Graveline on the harpsichord and Peter Sulski on the violin.

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