Faith in Action

SEND Service Trips

The SEND Service Immersion Trips reflect the Catholic responsibility to put our faith into action with works of charity. “The Christian spirit of service to others for the promotion of social justice is of particular importance for each Catholic University, to be shared by its teachers and developed in its students.” (Ex Corde Ecclesiae) These trips offer students and trip leaders an opportunity to serve others, to foster community, and to gain insight into our personal spiritual lives. SEND participants develop strong bonds with other Assumption students, staff, faculty and alumni through a combination of shared service experiences, prayer activities, immersion opportunities, and critical reflection rooted in the Assumptionist Tradition and Catholic Social Teaching. Fr. D’Alzon, founder of the Augustinians of the Assumption, wrote “We propose to extend Our Lord’s reign more especially by… Charitable works, by which we can prepare children to fulfill their Christian obligations in the world and to reconcile the poor and rich classes.” Throughout the service immersion week, SEND group members discover their strengths and callings while exploring the needs of our world. SEND service immersion experiences take place during winter, spring and summer breaks in the following locations:

Winter Trips

  • Duran, Ecuador (Rostro de Cristo)
  • Tuscaloosa, AL (Habitat for Humanity)

Alternative Spring Break

  • Baltimore, MD (Habitat For Humanity, Catholic Charities)
  • Camden, NJ (Romero Center Ministries)
  • Florida (Immokalee Friendship House, Habitat For Humanity, Redlands Migrant Christian Association)
  • Georgetown, DE (Habitat For Humanity, Delaware State Parks)
  • Pennsylvania (Habitat For Humanity, Variety Club)
  • Trenton, NJ (Center For FaithJustice)
  • Washington, DC (Bethlehem House, Capitol Hill Ministries)

Summer Trip

  • Pine Ridge, SD (Re-Member)

SEND inspires students and trip leaders to deepen their own faith by becoming witnesses to the Gospel, building communities of faith, and actively participating in the Church. Prayerful reflection and sacramental opportunities are incorporated in the trips to help students associate the work they do with Christian discipleship.

Participation in this program is by application. Costs are reasonable because fundraising is available.

Please contact Vinnie Sullivan-Jacques for more information.

Days of Service