To inquire about using Assumption's Chapel of the Holy Spirit for your wedding, consult the Office of Campus Ministry at 508-767-7149 or

Group photos of Assumption graduates at a wedding reception can be posted on the Alumni website and on the Alumni Facebook page. A Weblink icon will be placed by the wedding announcement in the Class Notes section of an upcoming issue of Assumption Magazine, indicating a photo is posted on the Web.

E-mail your group wedding picture and information about who appears in the photo to


Andrew Rudzinski '09 and Stephanie Boucher '09

Andrew Rudzinski '09 and Stephanie Boucher '09 were married on 7/20/13 at AC’s Chapel of the Holy Spirit. Alumni in attendance were Kate Allen '09, best man Dan Anastas ’10, Carleigh Baldwin ’11, Kim Beauchamp CE’00, Eve Broffman ’08, Elizabeth Akerley Gonzalez '09, bridesmaid Nicole Haddad '09, Leanna Hartnack ’12, bridesmaid Heather Hepburn '09, Amy Keegan '09, Joseph Lupi ’10, Brendan Mari '09, Alex Mascaro ’11 and AC student and bridesmaid Alix Rudzinski ’15.


Jamie Fransson '06 and Jeff Moreau

Jamie Fransson '06 married Jeff Moreau in Jamestown, RI on 9/22/12. Alumni in attendance included Ryan Barba '06, Chrissy Hanchett '06, bridesmaids Liza Levitsky G’09 and Jillian Maguire '06, maid of honor Tania Palumbo '06 and Colin Potter '06. Jamie is a special education teacher for the Worcester Public Schools.


Emily Perkins '06 and Kenny Gravell

Emily Perkins '06 married Kenny Gravell in Middletown, CT, 9/13/13. Alumni in attendance were Michelle (Lusher) Condon '06, Alexandra Fandetti '06, Kaitlin Gormley '06, Mike '06 & Kristina Reilly Law '06, Michelle LeBlanc '06, bridesmaid Rebecca Pavlick '06, maid of honor Elizabeth Perkins '10 and Fred Rogers '10.


Jennifer Clark '05 and Geoffrey Lamarche '04

Jennifer Clark '05 married Geoffrey Lamarche '04 on 7/12/13. Alumni in attendance included Marissa Marino Altimari '04, Brian Andersen '05, Brandon '05 & Becky King Brower '05, John '04 & Kerry King Claflin '04, Chrissy Elkinson '05, Nick '04 & Nicolett Cabaniol Foundas '04, Jennifer Genovevo Frisk '04, Kristen Malone Johnson '03, Alex Madigral '05, Ryan '03 & Ali Reyell Murphy '05, Lauren Palladino '05, Margeaux Souter Podaski '05, Amy Pouliot '04, Dave Thomas '04 and Kyle Yermalovich '04.


Julie Wasik '04 and Russell Pollison

Julie Wasik ’04 married Russell Pollison on 10/4/13 in Randolph, NJ. Alumni in attendance were Sean ’03 & Jessica Parreira Kenney ’04, Karin Spahl Lebeau ’04, Tamara Wright Geffin ’04, Erin Depot ’12, and Ashley Kita Duncan ’04.


Bob Emery '74 and Cheryl Koots

Bob Emery '74 and Cheryl Koots were married last summer in Troy, MI. Alumni in attendance were Robert Burns '73, Tim Foley '74 and Jim Rutledge '74.