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ACAchieves Spotlights

Assumption students – and alumni – understand the importance of applying classroom knowledge to real-world situations. You’ll find many of our students doing internships and research projects, which aid them in securing jobs and graduate school placements in their senior year. Learn more about the achievements of our students and alumni below.

Nathalie Vega Crespo
Political Science '16
Internship: Intern at the Worcester Superior Court

I’ve learned so much about the judicial and trial processes and about common and constitutional laws through my internship. I’ve loved my experience and hope to attend law school after graduation.

Patrick Giroux
Organizational Communication '16
Internship: Marketing Intern at Fidelity

I work on the web marketing team for institutional investing at Fidelity. My main responsibilities include updating our internal and external websites, posting news to our intranet, and assisting with the launch of our new social media sites. Following corporate style guides, ensuring all marketing materials have been reviewed before using, and working on teams for various campaigns have allowed me to bring what I have learned in the classroom to a real setting.

Nichole Rebelo
Criminology and Sociology '16
Internship: Intern at the Worcester District Attorney's Office, Child Advocacy Center

From my internship, I learned how to work in an office environment, be part of a professional team, and learned how the criminal justice system works to help children.  My experience helped me to learn about myself, find what my interests are, and help me prepare for my future.

Mike Hroncich
Sociology with a concentration in Criminology '16
Internship: Intern at the Worcester District Attorney's Office

Throughout my internship at the Worcester DA's, I have learned about various parts of the justice system, including recidivism rates and the arraignment process. I have also gained valuable information on how the court system works from an inside perspective.

Ross Potvin
Accounting '16
Internship: Investment Intern at Rollstone Bank & Trust; Post-Grad Plans: Staff Auditor at Stowe & Degon

I felt very prepared for my internships because of the courses I have taken at Assumption. The internships taught me how accounting works in the real-world and how to make business fun.

Melanie McCauley
Environmental Science '15
Research Project: Room Temperature Storage Effects on Northeastern Soils; Post-Grad Plans: JD candidate at New England Law School

Assumption has provided me with numerous opportunities to grow as a student and explore the potential avenues I could pursue after graduation. I have always loved the environment and I decided the best way to preserve it was to work in law.

Meaghan Ekstrom
Biology '15
Internship: Emergency Medicine Research Assistant at UMASS Memorial; Post-Grad Plans: Accelerated BSN Program at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

My liberal arts education here at Assumption College has helped me to become a well-rounded individual who understands concepts beyond my chosen discipline of Biology. I’ve learned to think critically and analytically, which is essential to pursuing my goal of becoming an outstanding clinician. I believe that Assumption has helped to put me on the road to success after graduation.

Mary Hilliger
Biology '15
Post-Grad Plans: PharmD candidate at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Assumption provided an environment that positioned me for success. With ample opportunity to study in a variety of different subjects, I gained a well-rounded education that will enhance further educational and occupational experiences. When I decided to apply to Pharmacy School at MCPHS, I learned that because I can speak a foreign language I would have the opportunity to apply for international rotations in South America, which I am really excited to do!

Lauren Orrico
Spanish and English '09
Post-Grad Plans: Communications Project Coordinator at Amica Insurance

In the past few years, Amica Insurance has expanded its marketing activities in the Southwest and Northwest. Double majoring in English with a concentration in writing and mass communication and Spanish has given me a wonderful opportunity to provide insight from two perspectives, as a writer and as someone knowledgeable in the Spanish language and culture. As the company continues to work on this new initiative, I have the expertise to take part in the research and development.

Lauren McCarthy
Criminology '16
Internship: Administrative Clerk with the Litigation Attorney's Office

My internship was the turning point in my academic career.  By working with a poverty stricken population, I was able to apply my criminology background to understand more about this population’s past.  I quickly realized the interest I had in reducing and possibly preventing youth that fall into criminal crime.