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ACAchieves Spotlights

Assumption students – and alumni – understand the importance of applying classroom knowledge to real-world situations. You’ll find many of our students doing internships and research projects, which aid them in securing jobs and graduate school placements in their senior year. Learn more about the achievements of our students and alumni below.

Stephen Johnson
Biology with a concentration in Physical Therapy '16
Internship: Physical Therapy Assistant at Worcester Physical Therapy; Post-Grad Plans: Doctor of Physical Therapy at Boston University

With over 100 hours of handling clients with neurological, cardiopulmonary, vestibular, orthopedic, integumentary, issues; I learned a myriad of “soft skills” that cannot be learned from any textbook. I learned how to communicate my ideas and treatment plans to patients and aid them in effectively executing treatment plans under the guidance of licensed Physical Therapists. I also learned the importance of building rapport with clients, which I believe has set a solid foundation for me as I begin my studies and career as a future healthcare professional.

Chris Idaris
Psychology '16
Post-Grad Plans: Accelerated Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

I have had many opportunities through Assumption to work in health care environments. The courses I have taken through the Natural Sciences and Psychology departments have enabled me to pursue a career in nursing. I am confident I’ll excel in nursing school because of the rigorous academic programs here at Assumption.

Erin Dougherty
Erin Dougherty
Graphic Design and Marketing '17
Internship: Sales Marketing Intern with BlueSky Capital Partners, LLC

Through this internship, I have had the opportunity to be involved in all areas of an e-commerce company. I was able to work hands on with everything from website management to billing and shipping. I have gained practical experience in the field and have been able to build both my organization and communication skills.

Elizabeth DiLoreto
Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience '17
Internship: Undergraduate Intern of the Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Department at UMASS Medical School

My internship taught me how little I know. Being around people who have been so immersed in their field for so long showed the passion that one can develop for their field. This application-based learning really helped me to have a greater appreciation for what I was learning in the classroom. It also helped me to be more comfortable in the class labs, allowing me to help others with the concepts I already understood.

Jessica Damour
English Literature and Secondary Education '16
Internship: Student Teacher at Mountview Middle School; Post-Grad Plans: Master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs at Salem State University and Assistant Area Director at Babson College

For the past three years, I worked as a Resident Assistant and Orientation Leader. Through these positions, I have had the chance to work with some of the best professionals in the Higher Education field. They helped me reach out of my comfort zone and learn about the importance of the academic and personal development of college students. My Assumption experience showed me that what you learn outside of the classroom is just as important as what you learn in your classes.

Nicole Bongiovani
English with a concentration in Writing and Mass Communications '16
Internship: Marketing and Communications Intern with YWCA of Central Massachusetts

My internship at YWCA taught me how to manage an engaging social media campaign through using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Hootsuite. I learned how to analyze the campaign and how to edit it to improve engagement. I also assisted in the planning, coordination and execution of agency events in Worcester and was responsible for the production of all collateral materials such as the e-newsletter, employee bios and appeal letters.

Sarah Small
Economics '16
Internship: Community Insight Analyst at My-Take LLC; Post-Grad Plans: Ph.D. candidate in Economics at Colorado State University

My internship taught me valuable research skills. I learned that I love understanding how the world works, but also realized that I hope to apply these research skills not only in a corporate environment, but to the world around me.

Dr. Michele Lemons, Rachel Avard, Michaela Temple and Monika Rettler
Natural Sciences
Project Name: Molecular Mechanisms of Neural Development

“I enjoy working with Assumption students and unlocking new mysteries about neuronal development.  It’s extremely gratifying to carefully plan and execute a series of experiments with students and to ultimately (hopefully) obtain data that unveils a novel understanding about molecular mechanisms of neural development.  It’s thrilling to be the first to answer a scientific question that no one else has answered!  It is equally thrilling to see the ‘ah ha’ moment in students eyes as they make new discoveries in the lab after investing a lot of work and effort in their projects.   Research in the lab is challenging and Assumption students bring a source of energy, dedication and optimism that are important factors for success.” - Dr. Michele Lemons

Dr. Jessica McCready, Juan Toscano, Carmino Riccio and Robert Benjamin
Natural Sciences
Project Name: The role of Tumor Microenvironment in Pregnancy Associated Breast Cancer

"Conducting research highlights the importance of the material we teach in the classroom.  As science professors we try to stress the importance of what we teach to real life.  Once the student arrives in the research lab, he or she begins to see how important the lecture material becomes since we use our knowledge of biology all the time in the lab.  These research projects offer a great opportunity to work closely with a professor and we form close relationships with our research students that last beyond the students’ time at Assumption." - Dr. Jessica McCready

Molly Sweeney
English with a concentration in Writing and Mass Communications '16
Internship: Operations Intern at GO Mammoth

In London, I interned at GO Mammoth, a company that runs adult sports leagues. I had a very hands on experience and was able to put what I had learned in the classroom at Assumption into action in England.