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ACAchieves Spotlights

Assumption students – and alumni – understand the importance of applying classroom knowledge to real-world situations. You’ll find many of our students doing internships and research projects, which aid them in securing jobs and graduate school placements in their senior year. Learn more about the achievements of our students and alumni below.

Alan Harrington
Alan Harrington
Accounting '17
Internship: Audit Intern at Deloitte & Touche LLP

Through my internship I gained insight into both the financial services and commercial industries while working with a variety of clients. I also learned various aspects of the audit practice as well as gained a deeper understanding of legal matters that are intertwined with audits. 

Claudia Palencia
Claudia Palencia
Education and Spanish '17
Internship: Student Teacher at El Instituto San Roman, Argentina

This summer I taught Spanish literature to middle school students in Argentina. I’ve learned how to diversify my lesson plans and grasp the attention and curiosity of students. My mentor here has over 30 years of experience and I’m learning so much from her! 

Robert Benjamin
Biology '17
Internship: Pediatric Epilepsy Clinical Researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital

I’m conducting a research study on rescue medications in pediatric epilepsy in conjunction with a research fellow. Each day I go to the hospital and enroll patients into this clinical trial. I also have the opportunity to shadow world-class neurologists at the clinic and in the ICU.

Suzanne Mumford
Suzanne Mumford
Communications ‘00
Head of Marketing, Google Analytics 360 Suite, San Francisco, CA

"My education and experiences at Assumption College soundly prepared me for a career at Google. My time at Assumption and my Catholic upbringing helped me develop strong ethics and morals, which are an important part of my thinking and decision making. I am proud that my teammates at Google recently highlighted "integrity" as my strongest leadership attribute." 

Lilivette Viera
Lilivette Viera
Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies '16
Internship: Special Education Intern at Nelson Place School; Position: Elementary School Teacher in Dallas Uplift School District, Grad School: Master's in Special Education

During my internship, I learned the importance of providing a student with disabilities an appropriate Individual Education Plan (IEP). Working with the Behavior Adjustment Counselor and the classroom teacher, I created a mock case study to evaluate the monthly progress of each student. Seeing the improvements that each student made was amazing, but the most rewarding part was seeing the joy that the students got from learning.

Chelsea Gamboa
Political Science and Psychology '16
Internship: Legal Intern at Agwara and Associates; Position: Paralegal at Marquis, Aurbach, Coffing Attorneys

Since I was a child, I was always interested in being an attorney. With the help of the Political Science department, the liberal arts curriculum and my involvement on campus, I was able to find my passion in Constitutional Studies.

Matthew Rivers
Management and Accounting '16
Internship: Internal Audit Intern at The Hanover Insurance Group; Position: IT Auditor at Wolf & Company

My Assumption experience has enabled me to develop my skills and apply them in areas where they are needed within the community. I’ve gained a breadth of experience and knowledge and look forward to translating it into successful opportunities in the future.

Meghan Olsen
Mathematics and Elementary Education '16
Internship: Student Teacher at Lincoln Street Elementary School; Position: Teacher at Groton-Dunstable Regional Middle School

My internship helped me apply what I have learned throughout my education classes.  It helped me realize that teaching is much more than creating lesson plans, but teaching to several individual needs while teaching a class.

Mercedes Mellekas
Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies '16
Internship: Intern at Flagg Street School; Position: Level 2 Teacher at New England Center for Children

At Flagg Street Elementary School I used different behavioral tools to collect, interpret, and present data of at risk students with behavior deficits. I also created and organized functional behavior charts and graphs within a classroom setting. I also helped implement a program that builds social skills called "Brain Wise".

Jocelyn Medas
Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies '16
Internship: Behavioral Therapist Intern at Center of Applied Behavior Instruction; Position: Behavioral Therapist at Center of Applied Behavior Instruction

I worked on a team comprised of other behavior therapists and special education instructors to help students on the autism spectrum and other related disorders perform to the best of their ability in a school setting. I learned how to implement a behavior plan and run discrete trails.