Home Schooled Student Information

Thank you for your interest in Assumption College!  Assumption welcomes applications from home schooled students.  Home schooled students have been a part of the Assumption community for many years, and we encourage these students to apply for admission.  We understand that home schoolers have a unique situation, but we are confident that by submitting the materials listed below, we will get an accurate picture of these talented individuals.

Preparing your Application

  • Common Application and Writing Supplement (optional) 
  • A personal statement or essay (part of the Common Application)
  • Official Educational Records (if associated with a home school program).  Students may submit a detailed list of secondary level courses with supporting documentation attached.  If students have done any course work from a traditional high school or college, we ask that you please submit it in your application for admission.
  • Assumption College requires SAT or ACT scores for all home schooled students
  • Letter of recommendation (Students should choose this candidate wisely, as these letters are looked at closely and the reference should not be a relative.)
  • $50 application fee made payable to Assumption College

Suggested Minimum High School Preparation
English: four years  
Math:  three years  
Natural Sciences: three years, including at least two years of laboratory science  
Foreign Language:  two years 
Social Sciences: three years, including US History


  • Early Action deadline of November 1.  Students who complete their applications by November 1 will receive a non-binding decision shortly after December 15.
  • Early Action II deadline of December 15. Students who complete their applications by December 15 will receive a non-binding decision shortly after January 25.
  • Regular decision deadline of February 15.  All decisions are sent no later than March 15.

Financial Aid Information
In order to be eligible for financial aid, we would like each home school student to provide Assumption with documentation of a completed high school curriculum.  This would include certification that the student has met the local school district's graduation requirements, GED equivalent or final high school transcript.  Home schooled students will be evaluated for merit-based scholarships up to $22,000 annually based on SAT/ACT scores and high school GPA.