Assumption Assurance

Assumption College took a bold step in February 2014 to address the national challenge of college affordability. Recognizing the importance for families to develop a financial plan without the worry of unpredictable tuition increases, Assumption developed Assumption Assurance – a four-year tuition freeze program.

On Thursday, November 6, Assumption announced that tuition for incoming students of the Class of 2019 will remain frozen at the 2014-2015 rate. The Assumption Assurance program is evaluated each year, and in May 2015 an announcement will be made regarding the status of the program for the Class of 2020.

Assumption Assurance blends many elements of a quality education with a pricing policy that provides families with the security of predictable tuition rates. Assumption believes this is the right thing to do to ensure that a college education remains an achievable goal for college-bound students.

The hallmarks of Assumption Assurance include:

  • An exceptional, classic liberal arts education with professional programs – the very foundation for any successful individual in today’s ever-changing marketplace
  • A four-year price freeze for currently enrolled students and the Class of 2019
  • A robust internship program of which over 70 percent of 2014 graduates completed before graduating
  • The option to spend a semester at the College’s new campus in the heart of Rome, Italy.

With private four-year institutions increasing tuition at an average of four percent per year, Assumption Assurance has the potential to save families and students approximately $23,000 over four years, when compared to similarly priced institutions. Greater savings can be expected when compared to higher-priced schools.

The College continues to offer generous scholarships of up to $22,000 per year, and over 90 percent of students receive some form of financial aid. Thanks to strong existing and new academic programs the College has experienced record interest in the past several years.

Download the Assumption Assurance fact sheet.
AA fact sheet

Watch Fox25 Boston interview with President Cesareo (February 2014)

Assumption Assurance: In the News

We applaud Assumption for this decision. The freeze provides parents breathing room financially as well as clarity, as they plan their budgets.” –

Assumption College plans to make tuition less of an unknown for its students.” –

Assumption College is doing something unique; they are freezing tuition. It’s a novel concept…kids are loving this.”  –  Fox25 Boston

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