Assumption Assurance

In February of 2014, Assumption College took a bold step to address the national challenge of college affordability. Recognizing the importance for families to develop a financial plan without the worry of unpredictable tuition increases, Assumption developed Assumption Assurance.

Assumption Assurance blends many elements of a quality education with a pricing policy that provides families with the security of predictable tuition rates. Assumption believes this is the right thing to do to ensure that a college education remains an achievable goal for college-bound students.

The hallmarks of Assumption Assurance include:

  • An exceptional, classic liberal arts education with professional programs – the very foundation for any successful individual in today’s ever-changing marketplace
  • A four-year price freeze for currently enrolled students and the Class of 2019
  • A robust internship program of which over 70 percent of 2014 graduates completed before graduating
  • The option to spend a semester at the College’s new campus in the heart of Rome, Italy.

With private four-year institutions increasing tuition at rates between 3 – 5 percent each year, Assumption Assurance has the potential to provide families significant savings of approximately $6,500 - $11,000 over a student’s college career when compared to a school similarly priced to Assumption. Even greater savings can be expected when compared to higher-priced schools.

Watch Assumption Assurance announcement Watch Fox25 Boston interview with President Cesareo

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Assumption Assurance: In the News

“We applaud Assumption for this decision. The freeze provides parents breathing room financially as well as clarity, as they plan their budgets.” –

“Assumption College plans to make tuition less of an unknown for its students.” –

“Assumption College is doing something unique; they are freezing tuition.  It’s a novel concept…kids are loving this.”  –  Fox25 Boston

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