Where can your Assumption psychology degree take you?

A degree in psychology can prepare you for a wide variety of career paths.  Students with a degree in psychology are known for their strong communication skills, understanding of human behavior, problem-solving skills, and ability to collect, organize, analyze, and interpret data and information.  Students can immediately enter the work force in psychology-related direct service jobs or use their skills in business, communication, administrative support, or retail.  Students also are prepared to pursue graduate training in psychology-related fields or other disciplines.  These are some examples of the career paths of a sampling of recent students.

Outcomes: Workforce

Chelsea Gilson
Psychology '10
Communications: Blogger, Host, Actress, Casting Director, Film Scout for Ostrow and Company
Jillian Cordiner
Psychology '07
Biotechnology: Lab Specialist II at Shire H, Boston, Massachusetts

Outcomes: Graduate Study

Erin Fitzgerald
Psychology '12
Masters in Counseling Psychology, Assumption College
Ryan Glode
Psychology '12
Masters in Counseling Psychology, Assumption College