Course Information

Program Overview

As a liberal arts college, Assumption offers students the knowledge necessary for entrance to and success in medical and/or dental school. Most students interested in pursuing a career in Medicine or Dentistry major in Biology, however, it is possible to choose other majors and still prepare for such a career. Although there is no universal standard for medical school admissions, most school requirements would be fulfilled by inclusion of the following courses:

·       BIO 160: Concepts in Biology

·       BIO 210: Genetics, BIO 240: Mammalian Anatomy, OR BIO 340: Molecular and Cellular Biology

·       CHE 131-132: General Chemistry I and II

·       CHE 201-202: Organic Chemistry I and II

·       PHY 201-202: General Physics I and II

·       ENG 130: English Composition

·       LTE 140: Introduction to Literature

Additional courses that are usually highly recommended include:

·       CHE 414: Biochemistry

·       MAT 117: Calculus I or MAT 131: Honors Calculus I

·       ECO 115 or PSY 265: Statistics

·       Courses in Psychology and Computer Science

·       Additional courses in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics are helpful

Note these courses reflect a suggested course load. Students should contact their desired schools and Dr. Steven Theroux, advisor to the health professions program, before committing to a plan of study.