bachelors degree in english
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The Assumption College English department believes that literature, which includes a multitude of rhetorical forms – visual and electronic texts as well as written ones – addresses profound and enduring questions about what it means to be a human being, while challenging us to recognize complexity and ambiguity in our exploration of those questions. The study of literature is an enlightening quest of self-discovery that exposes us to a wide range of aesthetic sensibilities and reveals our strengths, vulnerabilities, and potential for change. Experiencing literature leads us to ask deeper questions about our spiritual, intellectual, personal, and cultural assumptions, so that we can come to know ourselves and our larger world more fully.

The department seeks to inspire students to take intellectual risks, to synthesize the questions and approaches to the discipline they have learned, and to take responsibility for their continued learning. The English major prepares students in both their personal and their professional lives to become active and engaged learners.

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