Visual Arts (PreK-8)


Assumption College offers students a state-approved program for teacher of visual art (PreK-8). Students who seek licensure as a PreK-8 Art teacher should meet with the Licensure Program Coordinator during their first-year for advising, and they should apply to the program during their sophomore year. Students must meet with the Licensure Program Coordinator as part of their application to the major. Students may enroll in introductory Education courses during the first year and sophomore year without being formally admitted to the Education major. Once admitted to the major, students meet with the Licensure Program Coordinator each semester for advising about course selection, program requirements, and their progress in the Education major.

Required Education Courses for the Visual Art License In Elementary/ Middle School Education (PreK-8)

Stage 1: (open to all undergraduate students)

  • EDU 101 Schools in American Society
  • EDU 120 Teaching and Learning in the Elementary School
  • EDU 260 Teaching Students with Special Needs (Prereq: EDU 101, EDU 120)
  • PSY 190 Psychology of Development: Infancy and Childhood (also satisfies a Core requirement)
  • PSY 181 Psychology of Adolescence and Maturity

Stage 2: (open only to Education majors)

  • EDU 302 Teaching English Language Learners (this course is optional for Visual Arts Majors)
  • EDU 330* The Middle School: Concept and Curriculum
  • EDU 347* Curriculum and Methods in Visual Art

Please note that EDU 347 is currently scheduled in alternate years (see course description).

Stage 3: (open only to Education majors who have completed all retention criteria)

  • EDU 420** Practicum and Seminar in Elementary Education
  • EDU 440** Practicum and Seminar in Middle/ Secondary Education (depending on practicum site)

* Must take with pre-practicum (field-based component)
** indicates field-based course

Recommended Liberal Arts Course for the License in Elementary/Middle School Education

  • EDU 265 Effective Classroom Management
  • ENG 263 Children’s Literature