Administrative Listing

Office of the President

President: Francesco C. Cesareo
Vice President for Mission: Rev. Dennis M. Gallagher
Executive Assistant for Planning and Programming: Janet C. Lambert
Executive Administrative Assistant: Sharon A. Mahoney

Campus Ministry

Interim Director of Campus Ministry: Fr. Dennis Gallagher, AA
Associate Director of Campus Ministry: Stephanie McCaffrey
Assistant Director of Campus Ministry/Director of Volunteer Outreach and Community Engagement: Vincent “Vinnie” Sullivan-Jacques
Director of Music Ministry: Margaret Tartaglia
Campus Minister: Br. Ron Sibugan, AA
Assistant Campus Minister: Br. Blair Nuyda, AA
Assistant Campus Minister: Deacon Richard Martino
Intervarsity Representative: Scott Brill

Public Affairs

Executive Director of Public Affairs: 
Michael Guilfoyle
Associate Director of Public Affairs: Lorraine Martinelle
Public Affairs Associate: Stephen Kostrzewa
Director of Development Publications/Editor of ACMAG: Troy Watkins

Finance Office

Vice President for Finance and Administration/Treasurer: 
Peter D. Wells
Executive Assistant to Vice President for Finance and Administration/Treasurer: Jennifer White
General Counsel: Michael H. Rubino
Director of Finance: Cathy Cullen
Controller: Linda Ducharme
Director of Purchasing: Gale M. Racine
Payroll Administrator: Debra Daly

Business Services

Director of Auxiliary Services: 
John Langlois
Manager of Central Services: Michelle Corrignan
Director of Bookstore: Robin E. Dziczek

Human Resources

Director of Human Resources/Affirmative Action Officer: 
Grace Leslie Blunt
Associate Director of Human Resources: Robin L. Pellegrino
Human Resources Administrator: Patricia Flynn
Human Resources Coordinator: Elizabeth Dunbar

Public Safety

Director of Public Safety: 
Robert Murphy
Administrative Lieutenant: Steven Mackay
Deputy Director Public Safety Lieutenant: Keith Hough
Administrator: Laurie Handscome-Voedisch

Undergraduate Admissions

Vice President for Enrollment Management: 
Evan E. Lipp
Dean of Admissions: Kathleen M. Murphy
Assistant to the Vice President of Enrollment Management for Strategic Initiatives: Mary R. Bresnahan
Director of Admissions: Mario J. Silva Rosa
Associate Director of Enrollment Management/Coordinator of Alumni Admissions: Karen Puntillo
Director of Technology for Enrollment Management: Karen Amaral

Financial Aid

Director of Financial Aid: 
Linda Mularczyk
Assistant Director of Financial Aid: Robin Montalvo
Assistant Director of Financial Aid: Colleen King

Institutional Advancement

Vice President for Institutional Advancement: 
Timothy Stanton
Director of Stewardship & Special Events:
Director of Annual Giving: Timothy E. Martin
Associate Director of Annual Giving/Director of Parent Programs: Linda Rosenlund
Director of Advancement Services: Christina Nathan
Director of Research: Amy Sacco

Alumni Relations

Director of Alumni Relations: 
Diane Laska-Nixon
Alumni Coordinator: Katy Gloshinski
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations: Amy Logue

Student Affairs

Vice President for Student Affairs: 
Catherine M. WoodBrooks
Dean of Campus Life: Conway Campbell
Dean of Students: Robert G. Ravenelle
Director of Judicial Affairs: 


Director of Athletics: 
Nicholas Smith
Associate Director of Athletics/Compliance: Peter J. Gardula
Associate Director of Athletics/Compliance: Bethany Ellis
Assistant Director of Athletics for Sports Medicine: Randall Logan
Assistant Director of Athletic Operations: James Mullenirs

Cross Cultural Center

Director of Cross Cultural Center: 
Beatriz Patino-Mancuello
Graduate Assistant for Cross Cultural Center: Erin Muschette

Community Volunteer Services/Reach Out Center

Director of Reach-Out Center: 
Carleen Roy-Butler
Graduate Assistant for Reach Out Center: Colleen Penkala

Campus Recreation

Director of Recreation: 
Jaron Rider
Director of Intramural and Club Sports: Eric Wojtowicz

Residential Life

Director of Residential Life: 
Joseph T. Zito
Associate Director of Residential Life: Benjamin Kadamus
Resident Director, Alumni and Desautels Halls: Maribeth Scott
Resident Director, The Hill: Jesús Torres Nuñez
Area Coordinator, The Valley: Aaron Sequeria
Resident Director, Wachusett Hall: Julia Keough
Resident Director, Living and Learning Center: Amanda Adams
Resident Director, Worcester Hall: Ashley Marco
Area Coordinator, The Village: Richelle Abrahams
Resident Director, Salisbury Hall: Kelly Ried

Student Activities

Director of Student Activities: 
Eric Charles Swindle
Assistant Director of Student Activities: Alexandra Paterson
Graduate Assistant for Student Activities: Elyse Gauvin

Student Development & Counseling Center

Dean of Student Development: 
Neil Ryan Castronovo
Associate Director of Personal Counseling: Marta L. Carlson

Career Development & Internship Center

Director of Career Development: 
Nicole Diorio

Student Health Services

Dean of Student Development: 
Neil Ryan Castronovo
Associate Director of Personal Counseling: Marta L. Carlson

Academic Affairs

Provost/Academic Vice President: 
Francis Lazarus
Executive Assistant to Provost: Lorrie McCarty
Director of Institutional Research and Academic Assessment: Stuart J. Munro
Dean of Undergraduate Studies: Eloise Knowlton
Assistant Dean for the First Year: Jennifer Klein Morrison
Director of Grant Development: Landy C. Johnson

Academic Support Center

Director of the Academic Support Center: 
Allen A. Bruehl
Director of Disabilities Services: Sharon DeKlerk

Community Service Learning

Coordinator of Community Service Learning: 
Susan Hayes
Director of CSL Learning: Michael Land

Continuing Education

Director of Continuing Education: 
Dennis Braun
Associate Director of Career Services for Graduate Studies: Patricia Paolucci

Graduate Studies

Director of Graduate Enrollment Management and Services: 
Barbara Benoit
Assistant Director of Graduate Studies: Laura Lawrence
Director of MBA: Bart Morrison
Director of Counseling Psychology: Leonard A. Doerfler
Director of Rehabilitation Counseling: A. Lee Pearson
Director of Special Education: Nanho Vander Hart

Information Technology

Executive Director of Information Technology & Media Services: 
Dawn R. Thistle
Director of User Support: Elizabeth Hamblett
Director of Applications: Dana Giampa

Library Services

Director of Library Services: 
Doris Ann Sweet
Head of Reference & Information Literacy: Philip Waterman
Head of Access Services: Robin Maddalena 

Media Services

Director of Media Center: 
Ted H. Haley
Media Services Supervisor: Thomas E. Burke


David W. Aalto

Visual Resources

Visual Resources Curator: Mary Mudge

Academic Programs/Chairs/Directors


Director of the Aaron T. Beck Institute for Cognitive Studies: Leonard A. Doerfler
Director of the Ecumenical Institute: Gavin Colvert
Director of the French Institute: Leslie P. Choquette
Director of the Institute for Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies: Susan Scully-Hill
Director of the Worcester Institute for Senior Education (W.I.S.E.)Charlene L. Martin